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How The Bronze Lily Expanded into the World of Permanent Jewelry…

“Identify your niche and dominate it. And when I say dominate, I just mean work harder than anyone else could possibly work at it”

Our owner, Larae Leeson, started The Bronze Lily back in 2013 while still in college as a mobile spray tanning business. As she finished her degree and worked in the corporate world, she never lost her passion for all things sunless and the beauty industry and seeing how she could personally contribute to the confidence of other women.


She was able to make the transition from the corporate world to working for herself in 2019, when she leaned full time into her spray tan skills, restarted the business, and went back to school for her facial specialist license to follow a new passion - lash extensions and facials. 

NOW, 5 years later, after mastering lashes, facials, eyebrows, and teeth whitening - she is ready to conquer and master a new sector - the world of permanent jewelry, or clasp-less, micro-welded jewelry.



Our Permanent Jewelry Artists


In The Words of Our Clients

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